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Chopsticks By Country

The Japanese chopsticks that are 12 to 16 inches and called “ryoribashi” are used for cooking deep frying foods. The ones that are 9 inches long are the real chopsticks that are used for eating. It is common for Japanese sticks to be shorter for women and children. Usually, the chopsticks in Japan have circumferential grooves at the eating end that makes food stop slipping.

Japanese reusable & craft chopsticks catalog of reusable chopsticks popular in the USA marketing, wood & bamboo craft household chopsticks provided by China chopsticks factory & manufacturer & supplier.
In the traditional culture of China, authentic chopsticks are primary tableware and they also reflect of manners and education of the people using them. With squared or rounded sides and ending in either wide, blunt, flat tips or tapered pointed tips. Blunt tips are more common with plastic or melamine varieties whereas pointed tips are more common in wood and bamboo varieties.

Chopsticks By Craft

Funny pencil chopsticks are lacquered in many colors with pencil-shaped head. They are funny designs, perfect for children, Asian fans and youthful adults to eat a snack, lunch, etc. in kindergarten, school or office.

Japanese style creative home natural wood nail chopsticks oblique head cute couple daily chopsticks.

Stitching chopsticks are made by differenct wood stitching them together.
Personalized Chopsticks – Custom Printed.Printed Chopsticks with your logo on chopsticks or wrappers.

Chopsticks By Material

The PPS chopsticks are made from materials synthesized from “polymer materials” and “glass fibers”. This material is used extensively in modern high-end science.
The tensoge PPS chopsticks are made from materials synthesized from “polymer materials” and “glass fibers”, with inlaid all kinds of patterns. This material is used extensively in modern high-end science.

The wooden chopsticks are usually made of hardwood such as boxwood, chestnut wood, ebony wood, snakewood, birch wood, red sandalwood, and either ironwood or padauk wood and they are much more durable than bamboo.

Bamboo chopsticks are the eco-friendly option because bamboo is totally biodegradable and takes a significantly shorter amount of time to mature than hardwoods. If you’re also looking for a more affordable option, bamboo chopsticks are the best choice.

Chopsticks By Use

Children Training Chopsticks,We have chopsticks for kids in a variety of fun and colorful styles. These child chopsticks are for smaller hands and are between 5.5 to 6.5 inches long. Kid’s chopsticks are also the perfect size for hair sticks.

Chopsticks Gift Set is perfect for house warming parties, special events, and personal gifts. Beautiful designs and patterns make these excellent for gifts. Normally we have chopsticks gift boxes which can take 1-10 pairs chopsticks, and customized box is accepted and welcome. We can print your logo on the box.

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